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Brand Quest      (May 06, 2004)

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  1. His nicknames include 'The Mouth of the South' and 'Captain Outrageous,' and he has been known for his eccentric behaviour. His most prized property is a nearly six lakh acre Vermejo Park Ranch, which he bought from Pennzoil in 1996 for an estimated $80 million. He was the skipper of the boat, Courageous, which won the America's Cup yachting event in 1977. Who's he?

  2. Joseph F. Engelberger's company Unimation, which was founded in 1962, is said to be the first company to produce this. What did it pioneer in?

  3. This bank, established in 1908 by Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad III, has a coin-shaped emblem. People engaged in industry are symbolised by a cogwheel, those in agriculture are symbolised by two ears of corn, and an upraised palm signifies security. Which bank are we referring to?

  4. This brand of hot drink is available in Original, Mocha Kilamanjaro and Emerald Mountain Blend flavours. Which one?

  5. Who owns the following outlets: 'Chinese Room', 'The Pastry Shop' and 'Pegasus Bar'?

  6. Before Raymond took a stake in ColorPlus Fashions, it was part of which Chennai-based group?

  7. The company created by Ole Kirk Christiansen has a name that means 'play well' in the local language. And a product created by him in 1949 was named the 'Toy of the Century' by the British Association of Toy Retailers, as well as by Fortune and Forbes magazines, in 2000. Can you name the company as well as the product?

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