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Brand Quest      (April 01, 2004)

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  1. What 'connects' 92-year-old Fauja Singh to footballer David Beckham, rugby star Jonny Wilkinson and boxer Laila Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali?

  2. Bayer will float a new company comprising a big part of its chemicals business and some of its polymer division. The new company derives its name from the combination of a French word that means 'to set in motion,' and the English word 'success.' What' s the company's name?

  3. He was a member of his college's Communist party for about a year. "At 19, I had a fairly strongly developed sense of social justice. And if you really pressed me, I would also admit that the prettiest girls were in the Communist party at the time," he told in an interview. Interestingly, he spent over three decades working for a multinational behemoth, and later this year will quit as its chief, opting to head an equally illustrious information firm. Who is being referred to here?

  4. This biotech firm's new brand mark is a 'dynamic helix' the 'Dynalix.' According to its Web site, in its forward and upward movement, the Dynalix reflects the company's vision to grow into a global leader. The mark also resembles an alphabet, which r einforces the "interconnectedness" between the company and the business segment. Can you name the company, which only recently issued its IPO?

  5. Which bank, whose head office is presently in Manipal, was established in 1925 in Udipi by three men a businessman, an engineer and a physician?

  6. For over a century, this retail chain was considered America's favourite place to shop. It founded Allstate Insurance in the 1950s, and diversified into financial services in the early 1980s referred to as a 'stocks and socks' strategy by purchasin g the Dean Witter brokerage and realtor Coldwell Banker, a move that eventually hurt its core business. Which is the company?

  7. Can you name the ad men who were the architects of the campaign 'Labour Isn't Working,' which brought Conservative Margaret Thatcher to power in the late 1970s?

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