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Brand Quest      (December 11, 2003)

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  1. This Viacom-owned company is in the video rentals business. Founded in Dallas in 1985 as a single video rental store, it has more than 8,500 company operated and franchised stores throughout the US. But declining demand has forced Viacom to mull sale o f its stake in the company. Can you name the company?

  2. Isolating the effect that an economic factor has over another involves an assumption that all other factors remain unchanged. Which two Latin words do economists use to express that all factors, other than those used in the theory, are assumed to remai n constant?

  3. Which company's base line is: 'Powered by intellect, driven by values'?

  4. "I'm a little more aggressive than Phil," he once said. "I'm more likely to shoot you and ask your name. Phil is likely to ask you your name and then shoot you." The person quoted here is back as the chief of a company, wherefrom he retired as Vice-Cha irman 18 months ago. And he will succeed Phil (Condit), who resigned recently amid controversy. Can you name him and the company?

  5. This is guessable! What was created at the Baghdad Conference of 1960 by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela?

  6. The name of this search engine, developed by Digital Equipment's Palo Alto Research Labs, means the "view from above." Which is it?

  7. The establishment of the Reserve Bank of India in 1935 ended the quasi-central banking role of which bank?

  8. BPL Mobile has announced recently that it will be buying this company's 49 per cent stake in BPL Mobile Cellular Ltd. Which company is this?

  9. Which consultancy services provider audits the votes received by Oscar nominees?

  10. This group's corporate anthem is Vandana, a Sanskrit hymn that "extols the greatness of the sun and its never- ending journey towards excellence." Can you name the group?

  11. An easy connection question. The following positions are manned by executives with a common surname: Escorts Chairman, Mahindra & Mahindra Executive Director, Rediffusion DY&R Chairman. Which's it?

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