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Brand Quest      (July 03, 2003)

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  1. UK's oldest merchant bank collapsed in 1995 and was bought for £ 1 by the Dutch banking and insurance group ING. Can you name the bank?

  2. The origin of the New York Stock Exchange can be traced back to a 1792 agreement, which is named after the tree on Wall Street under which the brokers used to gather and trade. What is the agreement called? (Clue: A recently started financial column in The Economistis named after the tree too.)

  3. Nestle's Pro Plan, ONE, Fancy Feast and Felix brands pertain to which category?

  4. Simple! It means 'according to value' in Latin and is used often in economic literature! What's it?

  5. Zev Siegel, a history teacher, Gordon Bowker, a writer, and an English teacher named Jerry Baldwin founded what in 1971?

  6. Which group owns the soya food brand Nutrela?

  7. According to Scott Adams, "the only risk of failure is..."?

  8. Which Indian battery brand is a combination of the Hindi word for 'immortal' and a two-letter English word?

  9. Expand LIFFE.

  10. In 1906, Stuart H. Cramer coined this term while filing a claim for a patent for a product which added water vapour to the air in textile plants. But the industry for the product kicked off only nine years hence. What's the term?

  11. Which Indian media house recently announced the launch of its subsidiary, Nirvana Television?

  12. Can you name the organisation that was established in 1893 by social reformer, journalist and freedom fighter, 'Desodharaka' Nageswara Rao Pantulu?

  13. MsourcE is the IT-enabled services (ITES) arm of which company?

  14. What does 3M stand for?

  15. What is the telecom subsidiary of the Indian Railways called?

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