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Brand Quest      (October 03, 2002)

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Check your knowledge on the world of companies which have changed their name during the course of their history :

  1. It was called Tricon Global Restaurants since May 2002 - and this company comprises of some of world's most renowned fast food chains including KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell among others. What is the new name of this company ?

  2. The merger of which two pharmceutical companies resulted in the creation of the company Novartis ?

  3. What name was adopted by the company formed by the 1997 merger of Grand Metropolitan PLC and Guinness PLC - makers of alcoholic beverages ?

  4. This company changed its name from Haloid Corporation in 1961 and adopted a name from Greek origin, which literally meant 'dry writing' ?

  5. What new name was adopted by the consulting firm Andersen Consulting after it split and separated from the parent company and audit firm Arthur Andersen ?


Some of the most famous brands of the world are not prominent in India since they have not been launched officially in India (except certain grey pockets, I guess) . Match some of these brands and the product categories they belong to :

    1.  'Dilmah'                            a.   Chocolates
    2.  'Snickers'                          b.   Lingerie
    3.  'Arnott's''                         c.   Tea
    4.  'Triumph'                           d.   Watch
    5.  'Breitling'                         e.   Biscuits


Following are words picked out of the body copy of a Print ad, Voice-over of a TV Commercial, or simply, a baseline for the brand . Can you identify the brand advertised.
  1. 'Guys, get me something from South Africa. Something nice ... jyaada kuchch nahi'

  2. 'Committed to serving you with the world's finest digital copiers and multifunction printers.'

  3. 'So stylish, you won't wear anything else'

  4. 'Software that changes the way software is written. For ______ , it's just the beginning'

  5. 'Khoya, khoya rahta hoon khwabon mein teri. Deewana ban gaya hoon mein chahat mein teri'


Select the right answer. (2 pts each)
  1. Most leading software companies of the world originated in USA. Which of the following companies are headquartered in Germany ?

    • SAS
    • SAP
    • Computer Associates
    • PeopleSoft

  2. Since its establishment in 1891, this company has focussed on one line of business - manufacture and marketing of chewing gum , and contributes over 50 % of the volumes of worldwide chewing gum consumption. Name the company?

    • Wrigley
    • Parke Davis
    • Perfetti
    • Chicklets

  3. In what current TV commercial would you encounter three sumo wrestlers on a bicycle ?

    • Kwality Wall's
    • Hero Champion
    • Pepsi
    • Srichakra tyres

  4. The first ever TV commercial appeared on July 6, 1941. Name the brand which was advertised ?

    • Pepsi
    • Bulova watches
    • Ford car
    • Ivory soap

  5. Dabur owns the brandname 'Real' in the fruitjuices market. Who owns the brandname 'Real Good' in the fresh chicken market ?

    • Godrej
    • Venky's
    • Dabur
    • Heinz

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