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Brand Quest      (February 21, 2002)

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Check your knowledge on some of the world's richest men over the years :

  1. The first corporate executive to report salary earnings of over USD 1 million per annum was the President of US Steel, way back in 1901. Name him . (His name is also popular today since one of US' leading broking houses bears his name, coincident ally !)

  2. He made a fortune selling his company Electronic Data Systems (EDS) to General Motors for over US $ 1 billion. He also gained fame subsequently in the 1990s as a US presidential candidate. Name him.

  3. Gad and Hans Rausing are one of the richest business families in the world. Name the company that they own which was founded and propelled by an invention of their father in 1952 ?

  4. Name the stock market rogue, later arrested and spent time in US jail ,who is generally credited with getting the highest ever annual remuneration package including salary and bonuses of US $ 550 million in 1987 ?

  5. One of the world's largest charity foundation, it is named after a US billionaire who made his wealth from the oil industry. The foundation is also unique in the sense of its billions of dollars are funded to only a museum, bearing the same name. Name the billionaire.


The country of origin plays a big role in driving the brand personality and culture of an organisation. Check out these famousinternational brands and match them with their country of origin :

    1.  Hertz             a.    Germany
    2.  Guinness          b.   USA
    3.  Montblanc         c.   France
    4.  Elf               d.   Netherlands
    5.  KLM               e.   UK


Following are words picked out of the body copy of a Print ad, Voice-over of a TV Commercial, or simply, a baseline for the brand . Can you identify the brand advertised.
  1. '_____ toothpaste. Formula sirf Bharat ke paas hai'

  2. '_____. Digital Imaging Technology. Use it the way you like it'

  3. 'The great family nourisher'

  4. ' 180 cc. 15 BHP. Muscular 18 litre fuel tank. Street sport styling. Looks like the male of the species has finally arrived.'

  5. 'Life. It's all about questions. Thankfully when it comes to life insurance, we have the answers.'


Select the right answer. (2 pts each)
  1. Name the world's No. 1 commercial jet maker in terms of sales turnover ?

    • Airbus
    • General Electric
    • Boeing
    • Dassault

  2. How did the UNIX software platform get its name ? ?

    • From shortening of 'Unit Extension'
    • From shortened variant of 'Uniplexed Information and Computing Services'
    • Just a funky name its creator gave it
    • A variant of the word 'Unique'

  3. Which famous Indian sportsman reportedly has refused to endorse soft drinks because he considers them unhealthy ?

    • Pullela Gopichand
    • Dhanraj Pillay
    • Virendra Sehwag
    • Viswanathan Anand

  4. What was the world's first brand of the credit card to be launched ?

    • Visa
    • American Express
    • Diner's Club
    • Citibank

  5. What is the nationality of Rabobank, considered the world's largest cooperative bank ?

    • Israel
    • Netherlands
    • Turkey
    • China

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