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Brand Quest      (January 03, 2002)

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Like any other year, 2001had its share of entertaining events, interesting launches, innovative ad campaign, high profile exits and a few scares too. Thsi special edition presents a mixed bag of questions on some of the major events of 2001.

  1. What was the significant about the purchase of a kilo of lychees on the French island of Reunion, located in the Indian Ocean?

  2. Post September 11, another fear related to the postal system, was sparked off in the US. What was the cause of this scare?

  3. The Yahoo! Buzz Index is a tool that measures user engagement with brands, products and technologies online. Which brand had the highest number of Web searches in 2001?

  4. Which company filed for the largest corporate bankruptcy in history in 2001?

  5. When he founded his company in 1939 along with his partner Dain in San Francisco's Bay Area, he effectively created the trend, which led to the creation of Silicon Valley decades later. He was the CEO of his company till 1978 and died of natural causes in 2001. Who are we talking about here?

  6. Why were the following people in the news in 2001: Eduardo Camano, Adolfo Rodriguez Saa, Ramon Puerta and Fernando de la Rua?

  7. This film, with Coca-Cola as its sole promotion partner, had one of the most successful openings in movie history, and is based on a famous best-selling book. Name the book.

  8. Which company made its entry into the video games market with its launch of Xbox rivaling Sony's Play Station2?

  9. It was acknowledged as the second-most dangerous computer virus in history, after the Love Bug virus. Name this virus, which struck in 2001.

  10. Perhaps the biggest product launch in the year 2001 was Windows XP. What does XP in the brand name stand for?

  11. Morpheus, Aimster, KaZaA Media Desktop, Winmx were all companies in a particular category where the pioneer was barred from its continuing with its existing operations by the US courts in 2001 on grounds of music trademark infringements. Name the pioneering company.

  12. Last year was one in which many top executives lost their jobs. Name the CEO of Ford and the Chairman of ABB who resigned in 2001.

  13. Which two major multinational computer companies announced their intention to merge, but encountered objections from all quarters, particularly their shareholders?

  14. Which business and media tycoon won the elections to become Head of State in Italy amidst widespread clouds of scandal?

  15. Name the MTNL-promoted telecom service in a. GSM mobile phones b. WiLL based CDMA.

  16. Last year was one of mergers and acquisitions, particularly in the telecom industry. a. Which company announced plans to merge operations with Batata (Birla-AT&T-Tata) b. And which was the company that took over the operations of SkyCell in Chennai and Spice in Kolkata?

  17. Which companies\business groups were involved in the transfer of an equity stake in India's largest engineering company Larsen & Toubro?

  18. The year 2001 saw one of the most interesting ad campaigns - perhaps the longest duration teaser campaign - featuring Digen Verma. Name the brand in question.

  19. In a unique sales promotion, which company set up a cricket match between the winners of its contest against the `Lagaan' team, from the movie of the same name?

  20. Which famous father-son duo combined to promote a new brand launch in 2001? Name the brand.

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