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Brand Quest      (August 30, 2001)

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Check your knowledge on businesses and brand names related to colours. (4 pts each)

  1. Why is IBM commonly referred to as the Big Blue?

  2. Name the famous brand consultant who is generally credited with the coinage of the brand name Orange, a revolutionary change in consumer telecom which usually has dull, predictable names?

  3. If IBM is the Big Blue which company is called the Big Black for its distinctive black vans which it uses for transportation?

  4. With what brands\companies would you associate the following: a. Red Tab b. Red Label c. Black Label.

  5. What brand of cigarette has instituted national bravery awards which are currently being used extensively for its surrogate advertising? And which company owns the brand?


Check out the following insurance brands and match them with their baselines. (1 pt each)

    1. `With you, always'                           a. LIC
    2. `We know India better'                       b. Birla SunLife
    3. `We cover you. At every step in life'        c. Max New York Life
    4. `Your dreams. Our commitment'                d. Tata AIG
    5. `Your Partner for Life'                      e. ICICI Prudential


Following are words picked out of the body copy of a print ad, voice-over of a TVC or simply a baseline.Identify the brand. (3 pts each)
  1. `Presenting the automotive world's First Family'

  2. `Picking up a good investment is easy. You just have to reject about 120 bad ones. We see things from every angle'

  3. `Leverbhai ka kehna, ___ hi lena'

  4. `Nahi dekha tho kya dekha'

  5. `Would you like someone else . I mean, something else?'


Select the right answer. (2 pts each)
  1. What Italian brand came into the limelight when it was revealed that Monica Lewinsky had bought this brand of tie for over $100 for the former US President Bill Clinton?

    • Giovanni
    • Zegna
    • Benetton
    • Gucci

  2. What invention, credited to John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockeley in 1947, is considered one of the most influential events in modern business history?

    • The Radio
    • The Transistor
    • The Integrated Chip
    • The Calculator

  3. What was the theme of the path-breaking Rachel Carlson book Silent Spring, written in 1962, that is generally considered to have ushered in the environmental era?

    • Asbestos
    • Pesticides (DDT)
    • Whale-hunting
    • Nuclear waste

  4. In possibly the only event of its kind in history, the entire telephone system of the US and Canada was switched off for a minute on August 4, 1922. What was the occasion?

    • President McCarthy was shot dead
    • As a mark of respect for Graham Bell
    • US telephone workers strike
    • Symbolised takeover of services by the governments from private players

  5. Which TV programme, launched recently, has been touted as India's first interactive fiction TV show?

    • Aap Jo Bolein haan to haan, Aap jo bolein naa to naa
    • Khulja Sim Sim
    • Kya Masti Kya Dhoom
    • Koi Apna sa

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