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Brand Quest      (January 25, 2001)

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I. Common Ground

Check your knowledge on some common ground among leading brands. (4 points each):

  1. What's common to the following: Poompuhar, Kairali, Lepakshi and Gangotri?

  2. A tough one this: What's common to Louis Philippe, Harrods, Ford and Cartier?

  3. What's common to the following brands: Lacoste, Merrill Lynch, HMV and Camel cigarettes?

  4. And what's common to these brands: Visa, Today's pens, Boost and MRF?

  5. What do the following sub-brands share: Eternity, Obsession and Escape?


Leo Burnett once said, ``What helps people, helps business.'' There seems to be an ever-burgeoning market for self-help books, which are hitting the bestseller lists everyday. I don't know if it helps business, but it sure helps the publishing business! Check out the following famous self-help books on business and life - and match them with their famous authors. (1 point each)

    1.  The Seven Habits of Highly
    Effective People                    a.  Richard Carlson
    2.  Who Moved my Cheese                 b.  Kenneth Blanchard
    3.  Don't Sweat the Small Stuff         c.  Stephen Covey
    4.  110 % Solution                      d.  Spencer Johnson
    5.  One Minute Manager                  e.  Mark McCormack


Following are words picked out of the body copy of a print ad, voice-over of a TV commercial, or simply, a baseline. Identify the brand. (3 points each)
  1. Single bowl, double role

  2. Hadiyyon ki jaan, winners ki pehchchaan

  3. There'll always be just one word for life insurance, wherever in India

  4. The company that brought adrenaline to scooters, now adds nitrogen.

  5. Wherever you are. Whatever you do. The ____ Group is always on your side.


Select the right answer. (2 points each)
  1. With what brand would you identify the brand icon of a galloping rhinoceros?

    • Apollo tyres
    • Pirelli tyres
    • Ceat Tyres
    • Rhino tyres

  2. Under what brandname is MTNL planning to launch its mobilephone services in Mumbai and Delhi shortly ?

    • MyTel
    • Dolphin
    • AirCall
    • Will

  3. Two Indians have featured in the latest Forbes' list of 50 most richest men in the world. One is, of course, Azim Premji of Wipro. Name the other.

    • Dhirubhai Ambani
    • N.R. Narayana Murthy
    • Ratan Tata
    • Gururaj Deshpande

  4. Under what brandname has Java Coffee company set up a chain of espresso coffee bars in India?

    • Qwiky's
    • Ritazza
    • Cafe Coffee Day
    • Barista

  5. Name the Web site headed by the former Newstrack editor, Madhu Trehan, which has also started a fortnightly magazine ?


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